Java 8: What’s new in it ?

Oracle launched a new version of java Jdk1.8 with a lot of features. Some of the important features are provided below.

1) Lambda

 JDK 1.8 allows you to create Lambda functions. Lambda functions will become a powerful concept once integrated with JAVA. Lambda refers to anonymous function in a programming language. Lambda function, generally known as Lambda expression, is a function but without a name. It is very much used in languages like Python and Ruby (which is borrowed from LISP) etc.  An anonymous function (lambda function) does not carry name, access specifier, access modifier, parameters etc. It is just to simplify the code. Lambda function is very convenient to use in the same place where we write a function. If you would like to use the function only once, lambda function is the more convenient way. It reduces typing a lot of code, because the function code is written directly where we use the function and the...