Wowza Adaptive Streaming Engine

Wowza is an adaptive stream engine which is used for streaming high-quality video and audio to any device. It provides live and on-demand streaming of media player technologies. It can deliver content to many popular media players such as Flash Player, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, JWPlayer etc. Wowza Streaming Engine includes support for many streaming protocols including Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (Adobe HDS), Apple HTTP Live Streaming (Apple HLS) MPEG-DASH streaming, MPEG-2 Transport Streams (MPEG-TS), Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP).

1. Server installation

Wowza Media Server is a Java 6 (aka 1.6) and Java 7 (aka 1.7) application and requires the installation of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that supports deploying Java in server environments. The JRE has everything needed to run Wowza Media Server on your system.

The following Java packages...

Elastic Search

Elastic search is a real-time search and analytics engine. It is based on Apache Lucene an open source.

It is designed to be scalable which means it is distributed and has Node Discovery in it. So it can automatically recognize other elastic search nodes and connect to them, if required. It does automatic sharding, in a very simple way, it has its own identifier and just uses identifier modulo number of shards to determine what shard everything goes in. As a result of this, it can do a lot of smart things like where to rout some queries and if an update comes where to put that update to make sure things are local as well. It does query distribution, so on querying one node it goes to all the nodes as well. All of those things one requires in this cloud type of world is available for free in elastic search.

It has a RESTful, HTTP API with a wrapper for any language one can think off. Almost every day a new language wrapper comes out. One of the things about elastic search...